Frequently Asked Questions

Is HKR an executive search firm?

No. HKR is a research firm focused on identifying and attracting the best talent globally across all sectors in the Asia Pacific, USA & Europe. Our search strategy starts with a” blank piece of paper and we build the puzzle” through research and strategic mapping.

Why HKR?

Together with our global researchers, we have in excess of 100 years of experience across a broad range of roles. We have honed our research skills & actively research and deliver talent for our clients with the aim of not just filling roles but providing candidate pool data such as key companies, what motivates them, salary, location etc

We are “investigative researchers” adept at leaving no stone unturned using a number of research methodologies to map the market. We find the passive candidate, often not visible unlike active prospects.

Does HKR offer full cycle recruitment?

Yes, but our expertise is the upfront candidate identification and market mapping. We do pre-screen as part of the recruitment cycle but our clients will undertake the final reference check and salary negotiations.

How does HKR price projects?

We price our research services on a per project basis and for multiple long term mapping projects, economies of scale will apply.

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