• Delivering the best global talent

  • Executive Search Research

  • Multilingual Research Associates - USA, UK & Asia

Hampton Kibel Research (HKR), founded in 2001, is a professional executive search research company with research alliances and affiliates in Australia, Asia, UK/ Europe and North America.  HKR provides organisational mapping, candidate list development/name identification and candidate screening services to major corporations’ internal recruitment teams and line managers and also to third party retained executive search firms and recruitment firms.  We work across a broad range of industries and functional areas.

We deliver the best executive talent

and the future stars necessary for succession planning

Research Process

  • Research is the backbone of the search process and the “search engine” of an executive search firm
  • Once HKR has been briefed by their clients, the search strategy will be defined and the research activated
  • Services include talent mapping, qualifying potential candidates, short listing candidates or business development research


This process will enable our clients to develop and keep abreast of

  • External talent, qualified and benchmarked against the role at hand
  • Market leaders and future stars
  • Passive talent in the marketplace and keeping them engaged.
  • New ways to grow and leverage talent communities

Global Capability

We provide the following service platforms on a global basis

  • Candidate research and sourcing
  • Talent pipelining, organisational mapping and candidate development
  • Business development research & competitive market intelligence
  • Market Mapping
  • Unbundled search services for corporations

Tailored Research Services

Identify and attract the best talent globally

Our process enhances our clients’ efforts to globally identify and attract not only the best passive talent, but also attract the “future stars” necessary for succession planning.